One in eight women will develop breast cancer, and one in sixty-seven will develop ovarian cancer.

These statistics serve as a reminder of the many mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends who have endured the words “You have cancer.” Colletta Orr knows firsthand the devastating effects of breast and ovarian cancers, having lost a grandmother and great-grandmother to both. Armed with years of research and the desire to understand and fight the cancers that devastated her family, Orr seeks to educate others about ways to prevent and overcome both diseases.

Cancer Doesn't Always Win: A Comprehensive Guide to Beating Breast & Ovarian Cancer instructs readers on the causes and symptoms of both breast and ovarian cancers while providing valuable information on:

· The link between both cancers · Risk factors for both cancers · Advice for dealing with a diagnosis and the subsequent treatment · Tips for living a healthy lifestyle that lowers your cancer risk · Stories of survival from women who have lived through breast and ovarian cancers

This book will empower you to take control of your health and your life. It is a must-read for anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer, either as a survivor or a friend of one, and anyone looking for practical and tangible ways to live cancer-free.


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