Good Night Sleeping Beauty!

Failing to get enough sleep can contribute to many health problems, including breast cancer. The "sleep hormone” called melatonin is an antioxidant compound that is responsible for repairing cellular damage that occurs throughout the day. It's thought to repair damaged DNA, for example, making it especially important for helping prevent breast cancer.

To help with sleep and to naturally increase your melatonin levels, try the following:
•Sleep in a dark room.
•Cover your window so that there is no exposure to streetlights.
•Avoid any internal light, for instance - the clock next to your bed.
•Limit your exposure to light for at least an hour prior to going to bed, this means turn your TV and computer off and dim your lights prior to going to bed.

Sleep is vital to life and plays an important role in disease prevention. If you want to reduce your risk of breast cancer make sure you get good quality and plenty of sleep. I personally like to sleep in total darkness. It helps me get into a sound sleep faster. Most women have very busy lives and getting 7+ hours of sleep every night can be a challenge and make take some effort. Remember the effort to be well is less than the effort required to be ill. Make it a priority to reduce your risk factors for breast cancer.


Did You Know?

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