What's Up For Christmas: Discussing Your Family's Medical History?


Knowing your family history can save your life.  That’s why I want everyone, all over America, to talk about their family medical history. When they sit down at Christmas and throughout the holidays when families get together.

The relevant point is that knowing your DNA is not sufficient to precisely determine your health risks and inform decisions, about screening and other things. What’s become a question in this age of rapid genomics is the persistent value of an old-fashioned family medical history. At my family’s table, where we always have conversations about the health status of family members, we might discuss abstractly, of who died of what and when.

Families differ, of course. For some, maybe it is worth spilling medical details over Christmas dinner, or perhaps not at the main meal, but the next day over breakfast. Meanwhile, the CDC encourages relatives who gather over the holiday season to review their family health histories. Take some time during this season to learn more about your family medical history


Happy Holidays!


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